Personal Insurance

Work with Hilling-Pfeffer to Buy Personal Insurance from Top-Rated Carriers in PA and Beyond

Auto Insurance

Personal Auto Insurance in Erie, PA

Auto insurance may be a legal requirement, but at Hilling-Pfeffer we see it is a commonsense purchase. By getting to know you and your needs, our independent brokerage team will be able to help you acquire personal auto insurance in Erie, PA that provides the exact coverage that you need. Our Auto insurance Carrier options are all highly rated insurance providers, and many offer discounts and other benefits when bundling Auto insurance with other coverage solutions like homeowner, renters, or condominium insurance. Contact us today to provide information about your auto(s) and yourself so we can help you acquire quotes with competitive premiums and great coverage.
Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance in PA and Beyond

A home is typically a person’s most valuable investment, and our team takes protecting them seriously. As an independent insurance agent, we work with a network of top-rated Carriers to help clients acquire coverage that protects their home. By getting to know you personally, we will be able to understand your insurance needs and negotiate the most advantageous pricing for the broadest coverage possible on your behalf. The quoting process is always simple when you work with our team, and we welcome you to contact us today so we can discuss your needs and begin the quoting process.
Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Coverage

Lawsuits can target even the most responsible person so having adequate liability insurance limits is crucial. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, acquiring liability coverage beyond what can be provided through a home, auto, or watercraft policy can be an important purchase. This is where personal Umbrella coverage comes in as an affordable means of increasing your overall liability limits. With Umbrella coverage in place, you can worry less about a lawsuit related to an auto accident, slip and fall lawsuit, or any loss impacting your financial security.
Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance for Apartments, Rental Homes, and More

When renting an apartment or home, your lease agreement will typically outline the amount of liability insurance your landlord requires you to carry. This requirement, however, is focused on their own protection, not yours. At Hilling-Pfeffer Insurance in Erie, PA, we will help to ensure that your renters insurance meets lease requirements, but also suits you and your family’s unique needs. With the help of our team, acquiring renters insurance through a top-rated Carrier will be simple, and you can contact us today to get started protecting your belongings and yourself.
Condominium Insurance

Condominium Insurance

Properly insuring a condominium requires an experienced team. We will be able to work with you to review your building’s bylaws related to insurance, and ensure that the Condo insurance package we negotiate on your behalf meets your building’s requirements. We will also get to know you and your needs so we can craft a coverage offering that insures the belongings you have worked hard to accumulate. The Hilling-Pfeffer team has decades of experience helping condo owners find the right coverage, and we welcome the opportunity to do the same for you soon!
Boat & Marine Insurance

Boat and Marine Insurance

There is something special about getting out on the water. Whether you love boating on the river, lake, or ocean, having fun on the water comes with risks. Thankfully, the Hilling-Pfeffer team is here to help you buy boat insurance in Pennsylvania that will protect you and your watercraft should something go wrong on the water. You can come to us for help insuring everything from boats to personal watercraft including jet skis and more. Contact us today so we can learn more about your watercraft insurance needs and get to work obtaining quotes on your behalf.
Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Is hitting the open road on your motorcycle one of your favorite ways to spend time? If so, having the right coverage for your bike and yourself is crucial. Thankfully, we are an independent insurance brokerage well acquainted with helping motorcycle owners buy the coverage they need. We can provide motorcycle coverage in many states and with a wide range of liability and physical damage coverage options available. If protecting your bike from physical damage and yourself from potentially costly lawsuits is something you care about, then contact Hilling-Pfeffer today to request Motorcycle Insurance quotes from top Carriers.
Recreational Motor Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Motor Vehicle Insurance for ATVS, Side-by-Sides, and Other Fun Rides

If you love to go off-roading, make sure that you have the right insurance for your recreational motor vehicles. From ATVs to Side-By-Sides and beyond, the Hilling-Pfeffer team can help you acquire competitively priced coverage that provides the protection you need. Recreational Motor Vehicle insurance is designed to provide protection for liability related lawsuits, physical damage to your recreational rides, and even coverage for medical needs should a rider get injured. This breadth of coverage makes it an important insurance consideration even when purchasing may not be legally required. Plus, not only can we help but there are many ways to provide you with this coverage. From Auto policies to homeowner insurance endorsements and standalone policies, we have access to coverage solutions that will fit your needs. We look forward to learning about you and your recreational vehicles and beginning the process of helping you acquire the coverage you need from a trusted Carrier.
Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance to Help You Following Unexpected Disasters

Did you know that flood insurance does not come standard with Homeowner, Renters, or Condominium insurance? Although many people might say events like a pipe burst or bathtub overflow caused “flooding” this term has a legal definition that is excluded by default on a home insurance contract. Although flood coverage may not be covered automatically by a homeowner policy, our team can help you acquire protection should a legally defined flood impact your home or belongings. Do you live in an area that FEMA considers a high-risk flood zone, and your mortgage company or community requires that you purchase flood insurance? Are you in a lower risk zone but you simply want protection should a flood occur? Either way, we are here to help and would love to obtain a flood insurance quote on your behalf.