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Individual Life Insurance

Individual Life Insurance in Erie, PA

Individual Life Insurance will be among the most important purchases you make for yourself and your family. Buying it with the help of the right insurance broker is vital. At Hilling-Pfeffer Insurance, our team of knowledgeable, independent insurance brokers has access to a wide range of life insurance products. With the ability to help you acquire Term Life, Whole Life, and Universal Life, the range of solutions available through Hilling-Pfeffer is diverse enough to suit any life insurance needs. We invite you to contact a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team to acquire the coverage you need, which can also include other personal and commercial insurance needs.
Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most affordable life insurance product available and can also provide flexibility to allow for long term protection. Whether you are seeking a convertible or non-convertible term life insurance product, the Hilling-Pfeffer team is here to help. Our advisors will want to get to know you, understand your needs, and get a feel for your expectations from life insurance. This information, coupled with our expertise, will allow us to determine the best suited and most advantageously priced term life insurance products for you. Term life insurance is one of the easiest ways to secure your family’s financial future from the effects of an unexpected passing. Our independent agency is fully equipped to help you acquire the coverage you need. You can contact us today to begin the seamless consultation and quoting process.
Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance in PA and Beyond

Whole Life insurance is more than just an insurance solution, it is an investment, and one that can be borrowed against. Although whole life is more expensive than term life, unlike a term policy, it is a product that allows you to gain equity. The eventual equity ownership of your whole life policy means that you can keep it for its intended purpose of providing life insurance, or you can choose to use it for other reasons. For example, you can borrow against your equity in a whole life policy at predetermined interest rates. Additionally, you can sell most whole life policies to investors if you prefer to benefit from their cash value during your lifetime. This flexibility in addition to offering robust life insurance makes Whole Life an important product to consider as part of both your retirement and life planning.
Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance Solutions

If you are seeking a flexible insurance product that involves an investment element but is designed with a different structure than Whole Life, you will want to discuss Universal Life Insurance with our team. Universal Life provides life insurance protection, but it can also allow you to benefit from the growth of the American economy thanks to its investment component playing into its payout value. Understanding how this works in depth will be easy when you meet with our team of experienced and trusted insurance brokers. If you are interested in learning more about how Universal Life Insurance can help to protect your family’s financial well-being, then reach out to the Hilling-Pfeffer team today to discuss your needs.
Annuities and Retirement Solutions

Annuities and Retirement Solutions

If you are seeking a flexible insurance product that involves an investment element but is designed with a different structure than Whole Life, you will want to discuss Universal Life Insurance with our team. Universal Life provides life insurance protection, but it can also allow you to benefit from the growth of the American economy thanks to its investment component playing into its payout value. Understanding how this works in depth will be easy when you meet with our team of experienced and trusted insurance brokers. If you are interested in learning more about how Universal Life Insurance can help to protect your family’s financial well-being, then reach out to the Hilling-Pfeffer team today to discuss your needs.
Individual & Family Health Insurance

Individual and Family Health Insurance

Whether you need help navigating the state Marketplace, or want to acquire specialized individual or family health insurance products, the Hilling-Pfeffer team is ready to help. We can assist you with buying a thorough health care plan that includes optional vision and dental coverage or a high deductible option that allows you to self-insure more of your exposure for lower annual premiums. Our knowledgeable team can also help you navigate the opaque world of Medicare supplemental coverage to help ensure you or a loved one has the health insurance they need during retirement. Hilling-Pfeffer’s experienced brokers are licensed and ready to help you when you contact us.
65 and Plus Health Insurance

Health Insurance for 65 and Plus

Are you 65 or older? Find your health insurance through us. We have a licensed Medicare health insurance agent who is dedicated to helping you find coverage. Our agent is America’s Health Insurance Plan Certified, Pennie Certified and contracted with more than five carriers in our area. Shop for your health insurance coverage with confidence when working with Hilling-Pfeffer Insurance. *Not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the federal Medicare program.
Disability Insurance

Individual Disability and Supplemental Disability Insurance

Are you relying on your employer’s group disability coverage to maintain your income in the event of an injury? Are you a business owner with no means of income if you are unable to work? If so, you may be significantly underinsured and in need of disability insurance. Disability insurance provided by an employer may be helpful, but this coverage will commonly cap at just a percentage of your working income. This means that between 30-40% of your expected income can disappear if you get injured off the job.

By working with our team of knowledgeable and caring insurance brokers, you can obtain reasonably priced disability insurance quotes that can either cover your entire income or fill in the income gap left by your limited group disability plan. Our team will be able to work with you by reviewing your existing group plan coverage and understanding its limitations related to stipulations like coverage length and income percentage covered. We will tailor an individual disability policy that fills in any potential gaps. Though we hope you never get injured off the job, we all know that injuries can occur to even the most careful people. Having adequate disability income coverage can help you avoid a financially stressful recovery. If you are interested in acquiring a disability insurance policy, you can contact Hilling-Pfeffer today to begin the complimentary quoting process.

Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Coverage

Our team understands that losing a loved one is emotionally painful and draining. What can make the unfortunate loss of a family member even more challenging is the financial burden of funeral and burial expenses. The good news, is that there is an affordable insurance solution available to cover these costs: Final Expense Insurance. Unlike life insurance coverage, which is still an important purchase, Final Expense Insurance is designed to pay out promptly (typically within 24-48 hours), which helps your family avoid paying out of pocket when you pass away. This coverage is not intended to replace life insurance completely, but it can be an affordable solution that will help a family financially endure the passing of a loved one. Reach out to us today to learn more about Final Expense Insurance in Pennsylvania.
Group Benefits Insurance

Group Benefits Insurance in Erie, PA

Group benefits insurance can be legally required or optionally provided to employees, but regardless of regulatory mandates, working with an independent group benefits insurance broker in Erie, PA is important. Group benefits coverage can seem complex. Hilling-Pfeffer’s knowledgeable team is here to make sense of it all. Contact us to discuss your company’s unique needs.
Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance

We know our clients take great care of their employees during work hours, but those hours only make up part of the day. When employees are not at work, they can get injured or become ill. These injuries and illnesses are often excluded from workers comp coverage but can be insurable through disability insurance. With two forms of disability insurance, Group Long-Term Disability (LTD) and Group Short-Term Disability (STD), Hilling-Pfeffer has the solutions you need to protect employees’ income with Group Disability insurance in Erie, PA. Get in touch with our team to request complimentary quotes.
Group Long-Term Disability Insurance

Group Long-Term Disability (LTD)

Ensuring that your employees and executives can maintain their standard of living should they become injured off the job can be done with the help of a well-structured Group Long-Term Disability policy. At Hilling-Pfeffer Insurance, you can work with an experienced broker to craft a flexible Group Long-Term Disability Insurance program that best suits your business and employees. While Group LTD Insurance is just one group disability coverage solution we offer, it is the most robust and long-lasting disability option to keep employees and executives from struggling financially following an off-the-job injury. Contact our team to discuss your group disability insurance needs with a knowledgeable insurance professional who will be able to make recommendations and provide quotes to help you protect your valued workforce.
Group Short-Term Disability Insurance

Group Short-Term Disability (STD)

Group Short-Term Disability Insurance (STD) is an essential purchase if you want to protect employees and executives from a sudden loss of income following an off-the-job accident or illness. Many injuries and illnesses that can befall an employee can be recovered from quickly, but a lack of income due to their inability to work can have a dramatic impact on their ability to remain financially secure, even during a short-term recovery. With Group Short-Term Disability, you can help to protect your employees’ income should an off-job injury or temporary illness befall them. This insurance solution will serve as a crucial first layer of defense in maintaining their income while recovering. When you are ready to determine if Group STD is the right disability protection for your employees, contact our team today to discuss your business and your needs.
Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance in PA

Buying Group Life Insurance in Erie, PA for your employees is an important way to protect them and their families in ways that other insurance and compensation solutions cannot. In addition to helping to ensure your valued workforce’s families’ financial stability in the event of an employee passing, offering Group Life Insurance is also a compelling benefit to offer potential hires that competitors may not provide. There are a variety of ways to structure a Group Life Insurance plan, so contact Hilling-Pfeffer today to learn about options and let us negotiate Group Life quotes on your company’s behalf.
Key Man Insurance

Key Man Insurance

It would be hard to imagine a valued executive not being part of your organization, but what can make their passing even more upsetting is its impact on the ongoing management of your company. While we hope your owners and executives remain healthy well into their retirement, there is an insurance solution that is designed to provide important coverage and peace of mind in the meantime. This insurance product is known as Key-Man Insurance, and it is designed to function like an individual life insurance policy, but with the proceeds going toward the business. An executive passing away unexpectedly can bring more than sadness and a loss of leadership, it can also mean the loss of a firm’s rainmaker and put an important source of your company’s income at risk. With Key Man Insurance in Erie, PA, you can plan for the unexpected and ensure that your company’s future is protected against the loss of a key employee or executive. Contact us today to learn how Key Man Insurance works and what types of affordable solutions we can provide.
Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance is more than a legal requirement, it is an insurance solution that can keep your valued employees and their loved ones financially secure with the ability to access healthcare providers when needs arise. With so many Carriers available and a wide range of deductible options, co-pay plans, and more to understand, choosing to work with a knowledgeable team like Hilling-Pfeffer is crucial. If you would like help in navigating Small Business Health Insurance plan options and legal requirements, our team of independent Group Health Insurance brokers is ready to help.
Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental Insurance

If your group health insurance plan excludes dental coverage, ensuring that your employees’ teeth are protected from unexpected costs requires a Group Dental Insurance plan. With Group Dental Insurance you can provide an affordable way for your employees and their families to keep their teeth healthy. When meeting with our team of licensed independent brokers to determine what Group Insurance solutions will best suit your company, you will want to be sure that Dental is a part of the conversation. Most plans our Carriers offer will include 100% benefit for cleanings and preventative exams, 80% benefit for common procedures like root canals and fillings, and 50% for major procedures including dentures, prosthodontics, crowns, and beyond. Providing Group Dental Insurance for your employees is a persuasive way to show that your company’s leadership cares for them, and we want to help you determine which plan will best suit your workforce.
Group Long-Term Care Insurance

Group Long-Term Care Insurance

Providing insurance and investment solutions that help employees weather emotional and financial storms like unforeseen health problems or disabilities is important, but there is another financial burden that often gets overlooked: Long-Term Care. With diseases, injuries, and degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s becoming a possibility as workers and their loved ones age, costly medical assistance can quickly lead to dwindling retirement savings. With Group Long-Term Care Insurance, you can help to protect your employees from the burden of paying for at-home medical care, living in a nursing facility, and additional costly settings, which can be required for years. If you want to help ensure your employees’ financial security, contact Hilling-Pfeffer to discuss Group Long-Term Care Insurance and obtain complimentary quotes.
Group Vision Insurance

Group Vision Insurance

Although your vision is considered part of your overall health, numerous common vision related procedures are excluded for coverage under Group Health Insurance. To help avoid coverage gaps that can impact your employees financially or physically, we recommend either purchasing a Group Vision Insurance plan or adding vision coverage to your Group Health Insurance plan when possible. If you would like to find out the differences between coverage for vision included in a standard Group Health Insurance plan and the extended protection that Group Vision Insurance will afford your employees, contact Hilling-Pfeffer today to begin discussing.